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MLK's organization that mobilized through black churches and grass roots/working class efforts
2nd Great Awakening preacher, holds protracted meetings at night, egalitarian and not Calvinist
critic of American religion as being somewhat inauthentic and broad but not deep--no specific religion but a general framework reducible to democratic values
wrote Irony of American History (1952) on how US and USSR are eerily similar; recovers original sin--pride, roots of both WW's
'colony of intelligent and efficient women'; shelter for homeless, impoverished women that grew in charism and outreach over time
pluralistic, inclusive religion of infinite manifestations of God; 1.5M in US
Puritan concept that allows social participation in the Church but stops short of Communion
4-time presidential candidate who defended the anti-evolution law
1852 book- example of Civil War Era abolitionist literature
Truman's document desiring a federal Civil Rights Dept., anti-lynching/civil rights legislation; never implemented because of DIxiecrat split in D Party
belief that good works can usher in the Kingdom; good is triumphing over evil, establishing Kingdom; eschatology being realized now
article by Caporael suggesting a physiological disease caused the witch trial episodes
1791 treaty emphasizes no official Christianity, reaches out to Muslim community
feel end is imminent; pursue perfection through obsession with health
named for apocalyptic Baptist preacher who failed in predicting the time of the 2nd coming
alternative metaphor for US society/culture and assimilation
Catholic demagogue priest from Detroit famous for wide-reaching radio addresses; outspokenly political but turns on FDR on goes off deep end, including anti-Semitism that gets him
stream of Judaism inveted by Rabbi Wise in Pittsburgh Platform to change dietary laws and make Jewish life more amenable to modern lifestyle
famous agnostic ACLU lawyer from Scopes Trial
book that says America's genius is in its liberty and equality but is susceptible to the despotism of public opinion and the tyranny of the majority
movement grounded in domesticity that tied drunkenness to domestic abuse
mainline NYC minister, author of Power of Positive Thinking
perfectionist sect that shares all things (communist society) and even tried to strategically breed
Spanish explorer; effort to establish a utopian city in Venezuela failed
Birmingham police chief who felt Civil Rights movement was BS and communism
most conservative style of Judaism, most strict
oppose Finneyite Whigs in gov't; advocate market regulation and gov't intervention
preacher of muscular Christianity with Christological belief of Jesus as a fighter
Old Testament person from time of Noah, often cited as the justification for black slavery
advocate of Big Stick diplomacy among his masculine Christianity in the face of emasculation ('Strenuous Life Speech')
grew up among Populist farmers and social justice; becomes Catholic priest intimately involved with FDR/New Deal reform
Methodist preachers who rode from town to town in frontier America to soldify progress made by evangelical rallies (2nd Great Awakening)
James Hunter wrote this book on the orthodox/conservative vs. progressive/liberal split in US
The failure of this effort = The cost of nat'l reunion and economic prosperity was the disenfranchisement of blacks and the death of the Emancipation movement.
names for anti-revivalists and new wave of evangelical, pro-revivalists (in that order)
massively-attended event in 1893 that overshadowed problems of industrialization with its innovative wonders
religious identification often described as 'evangelicals mad about something', pushed out of mainstream by Monkey/Scopes debacle
passionate civil rights advocate whose impact was lessened by factions within his group and arrests and violence
religion of eliminating suffering thru wisdom with no primary deity; ~ 3M in US
modern equivalent of 1950s Catholicism, in the social stigma it carries and general cultural suspicions and fears
egalitarian evangelical preacher celebrity of the Great Awakening; helped launch the American Revolution
site of failed bus segregation boycott; police arrest crowds but don't jail them, and protesters are divided and slip into violence
site of showdown between Gov. Orval Faubus and President Eisenhower that ended in federalizing the Nat'l Guard to enforce integration
1891 Catholic document encouraging Catholic activism on behalf of industrial workers
Baptist minister who believed in preaching and Church as religious, not social; led insular community and perpetuated American Way of Life by not responding to oppression
WASP Civil War solider and author felt war rocked his world, made it uncertain and left afterlife hazy; became pragmatist
poet, wrote Howl, epitomizes the right to left shift in America
white man who worked among civil rights movement to preach universal atonement and expand prayer to advocating all people
first black to win the Nobel Peace Prize, gets it for diplomatic work in Israel/Palestine in 1948
vigilante White Knights member who (even if tacitly) advocated armed resistance against Satanism in black progress
black woman who felt God was truly present in the poor and marginalized and worked strongly as a MS Freedom Dem. to get seated at convention (1964)
Upton Sinclair book that magnified the plight of workers in the Progressive Era of muckraking and yellow journalism
origin city for march on Birmingham by MLK, SCLC, and white allies
segregationist Alabama governor
Bohemian youth before Catholic conversion; social justice charism leads to her founding the Catholic Worker movement
more radical, student organization that used spontanaeity and improv for acts of civil disobedience; devolve into black power movement
promotes theistic evolution in his banned book Evolution and Dogma
Jacob Riis book profiling the poor lifestyle of immigrant communities
middle/moderate stream of Judaism
Christian sect behind Joseph Smith who published main scripture in 1830 and moved group to OH, IL, and finally UT
Catholic bishop and philosopher/psychologist who had multiple popular TV shows (The Catholic Hour, Life Is Worth Living)
idea that science will replace religion and superstition; 'disenchantment of the world' (Max Weber)
Abrahamic religion that is quietly similar to Christianity but sees itself as the fulfillment of Christian Revelation; 6M in US
founder of the Social Gospel, idea that salvation has a social component
book by Nissenbaum and Boyer placing Witch Trials' cause in conflict between Salem Town and Salem Village, where Samuel Parris condemned the town's materialism
founder of Hull House
French writer raised in Enlightenment and French Revolution times who sought to study America
abolishes restrictive national origins quotas from the 1920s; leeway for skill, family connections, persecution
council that advocates religious freedom, ecumenism, liturgical reform, separation of Church and state, and generally reflects Americanism
Bruce Barton book characterizing Jesus as a shrewd, world-conquering businessman who built a lasting company
West Indian woman who tells young Salem women about witchcraft and helps bring on the Witch Trials
blight hits Ireland in mid-19th c. and forces already poor population to relocate and death tolls rocket up

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