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significant pointsAuthor
Tuna-Dolphin, Trading Up thesis, CA effect, liberalization helps env. (3)
GCS is emerging, anarchy withering (2 + ex)
democratic deficit
on low skilled in developing (3)
finger-in-dike, global savings glut, pragmatic
obsolence of capital controls (2)
trade/tech share inequality blame (5 total pts)
criticism (2) and sol'n (2) of globalization
free trade = winners (usually from C/A) and losers
advocates IMF (3)
power-shift (2), undermining by NGOs (2)
Jihad v. McWorld
human rights result of culturally nonspecific forces
Washington Consensus (2)
interests/values in int'l law (4)
cautions outsourcing alarmism +2
globalization leaves domestic sovereignty, makes state more necessary (3)
Clash of Civilizations (3)
corruption not necessarily stunting to development; World bank advocate (3)
significant pointsAuthor
incremental gains of terrorism, signalings (5)
American unilateralism v. European int'l law/institutions/sovereignty respect
IMF critiques (3)
Bush Doctrine (3) + 2
fix CPRs w/property rights
unholy trinity (3)
Bush coming around to ICC, maybe only solution for Sudan et al
CofC too reliant on religion (4)
ILO (4) + allow use of C/A in development
better organized aims could have made a good MAI (dog didn't bark)
Lexus and Olive Tree; Americanization (12), flatteners (10), Golden Arches, Interdependence Logic
realities of terrorism (4)
tragedy of the commons
need strong central gov't to industrialize/develop
comparative advantage
MAI's failure was good, would have aggravated inequality
state-power theory...
lobstermen - social shaming works, but only micro
future of NGOs/gov't

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