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significant pointsAuthor
Bush Doctrine (3) + 2
realities of terrorism (4)
democratic deficit
MAI's failure was good, would have aggravated inequality
power-shift (2), undermining by NGOs (2)
criticism (2) and sol'n (2) of globalization
obsolence of capital controls (2)
finger-in-dike, global savings glut, pragmatic
free trade = winners (usually from C/A) and losers
interests/values in int'l law (4)
comparative advantage
incremental gains of terrorism, signalings (5)
state-power theory...
American unilateralism v. European int'l law/institutions/sovereignty respect
unholy trinity (3)
corruption not necessarily stunting to development; World bank advocate (3)
trade/tech share inequality blame (5 total pts)
ILO (4) + allow use of C/A in development
Washington Consensus (2)
significant pointsAuthor
Jihad v. McWorld
Clash of Civilizations (3)
future of NGOs/gov't
CofC too reliant on religion (4)
GCS is emerging, anarchy withering (2 + ex)
tragedy of the commons
Tuna-Dolphin, Trading Up thesis, CA effect, liberalization helps env. (3)
fix CPRs w/property rights
human rights result of culturally nonspecific forces
Lexus and Olive Tree; Americanization (12), flatteners (10), Golden Arches, Interdependence Logic
on low skilled in developing (3)
globalization leaves domestic sovereignty, makes state more necessary (3)
advocates IMF (3)
IMF critiques (3)
Bush coming around to ICC, maybe only solution for Sudan et al
need strong central gov't to industrialize/develop
lobstermen - social shaming works, but only micro
better organized aims could have made a good MAI (dog didn't bark)
cautions outsourcing alarmism +2

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