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Major island of a nation of islands
Only manmade structure visible from space
Largest freshwater bodies in North America
Novel by Dickens
Ali's nickname
Islands off coast of Scotland
Huge 20th century economic downturn
Usual title for compilation of best selling songs
Expression often used by Clark Kent's boss, Perry White
Laurel and Hardy Movie, also an expression for a lot of enthusiasm
Russian Tsar of 17th and 18th century
HintGreat Answer
Russian Tsarina of 18th century
Conquered most of the known world -- at least the part he knew about
Persian Ruler (three possibilities)
Prussian ruler in 18th century
World War II movie starring Steve McQueen
The wilderness, national parks, etc
John Mayer song, or a retail chain in the US for all of your home shopping needs
Novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Manifesto by Leon Trotsky...or some really good parties
Wayne Gretzky
Jerry Lee Lewis hit

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