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A: Tonight, tonight. I'll be there, tonight
B: The cover had to be altered for US release
C: Last name of U2's first manager
D: And the fever, getting higher
E: The music video featured Larry as the main character
F: Quite unforgettable
G: There was a Part I, apparently
H: Batman track
I: 1987 fast paced song
J: Did an excellent cover of Love is Blindness
K: I know that this is not goodbye
L: There'd be no U2 if it hadn't been for him
M: Mother, you left and made me someone
N: Edge rap
O: Dedicated to Greg Carroll
P: About Ireland's Troubles
Q: Magazine that put together an Achtung Baby cover CD
R: A known companion to Bullet the Blue Sky
S: Long time producer of U2
T: Extravagant rock star dressed up in leather
U: Can't see or be seen
V: One, two, three, fourteen
W: Has a Temple Bar remix
X: And wine
Y: Briefly includes Adam on vocals
Z: Vorsprung durch technik

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