Art History Final Test Review #3

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Identify Picture 6Istanbul
3 pages of Celtic illuminated manuscript pages?
Identify Picture 11France
Identify Picture 4
Identify Picture 14England, square tops
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Identify Picture 3
3 kinds of Viking marker stones?
Memorize Picture 17
Famous Irish carpet page?8-circle cross
What is Picture 2 an example of?
Identify Picture 7Golden light inside
Who stole medallions for their Triumphal Arch?
What is the name of Picture 1?
Picture 18 at St. Pierre shows what?The Last Judgement
Identify Picture 5
Who is in the center of Picture 8?= Jesus? Halo, purple robes, 12 disciples
What is Picture 10 an example of?
What is the second style of Roman painting?
Identify Picture 15Bell tower
Identify Picture 12France, thick pillars
Identify Picture 16Italy, striated marble
What is Picture 19 and what does it show?William the Conqueror beat Harold, Normas are victorious
What is Picture 9 an example of?
Animal interlace was also known as?
What is the third style of Roman painting?
What is horror vacuii?Early Medieval Europeans had this problem
What do reliquaries hold?Mary's breast milk, remains of Jesus' cross, thorns
Who built the Pantheon?
What is the first style of Roman painting?
5 types of commemorative sculpture?
Which king wanted to restore Rome to its former glory through art and naturalism?lived in Achen, Germany

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