Art History Final Test Review #2

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Identify Picture 22Temple of Hera
Major surviving artworks of the Cycladic culture?
Bull motifs
Identify Picture 21
What is Picture 25 an example of?
Island culture, water motifsCycladic islands
What is Picture 26 and example of?Holding an egg, rebirth
Where was emphasis placed on Etruscan temples?No sculpture in pediment, podium
Six types of Greek vase painting?
Where did the Myceneans put their dead?
Where is the Winged Nike of Samothrace located?
Identify Picture 20
Bull leaping fresco is called?Minoan fresco
What is contropposto?
What medium did the Etruscans use most?
Three sources for Greek info?
Three kinds of Minoan pottery?
What was the name of King Minos' palace?Crete, minotaur, labyrinth
Which figures had women with arms crossed and men playing instruments?Men got more attention
Identify Picture 24
Wet drapery is an example of what kind of art?Elegant
What is wet fresco called?Durable, go fast
Identify Picture 23On the Acropolis
Who invented perfect human proportions in Greek art?
What is dry fresco called?Flakes off
Warlike culture
Egyptian influence on Myceneans?Beehive
Picture 19?

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