Art History Final Test Review Ch. 1-3

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What is this? (Picture 13)aka King Menes
What do organs go into before mummifications?
Whose temple is this? (Picture 16)
What is this place called? (Picture 8)
Who was the sphinx based on?
What Persian influence is shown? (Picture 6)Akkadian ruler (Sargon I)
Old Stone Age
Who was this?Amenhotep IV, wanted one god (sun god), started naturalism
Table-shaped house made of stoneFor graves, necropolis
Why did early Egyptians use engaged columns?Built into walls
Who conquered Persia?
What is an this audience hall called? (Picture 11)King Darius I
Name this sculpture (Picture 1)Fertility
What is this called? (Picture 9)Winged, human-headed bull
What is this called? (Picture 5)Buried with harp to have in afterlife
Impact of Persia on Ancient Near East?
Differences between mastaba and pyramid?
Which priest designed the Stepped Pyramid of Djoser? (Picture 14)Had necropolis (city of dead)
Why is the pyramid of Sneferu bent?
What languages were on the Rosetta Stone?
What is art called of someone famous riding a horse?
Circle of stonesStonehenge
What is this from?Weighing of the souls (Osiris, Anubis)
Name this structure (Picture 10) and its locationShowed off how rich they were
What was the first kind of writing?
What are these called? (Picture 3)Eyes are gateway to soul
Artificial mountainUsually center of town, closer to the gods
Columns shaped like men are called?
Middle Stone Age
Where is Stonehenge located?
What is this an example of? (Picture 4)Inventory, kept track of victories
Which of the three pyramids is biggest?
What is a cylinder seal used for?Barley, etc.
New Stone Age
Whose temple is this? (Picture 15)First great Egyptian female monarch
Name this victory steele (Picture 7)
Columns shaped like women are called?
What is this called? (Picture 12)
Name of this cave (Picture 2)Lascaux

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