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Fact/TriviaUS StateNotes
Has the tallest State Capitol
Has the only floating Post Office in the world
Had the 1st parking meter
Has the longest continuous street
Had the world's 1st Electric Trolley system
Contains the Covered Bridge Capital of the world
Has the most miles of river
Has the city with the highest rate of lightening strikes per capita
Has the least populated State Capital
Has the world's smallest church
Has the highest number of personalized number plates
Is the only one to have had 6 different national flags
Has the largest underground gold mine
Has the oldest State University
Had the 1st Wal-Mart store
Had the 1st designated National Monument
Has the largest man-made geyser
Has the highest (above sea level) State Capital
Has the deepest lake
Contains then geographical center of the 48 contiguous states
Produces the most copper
Had the 1st traffic light
Has the oldest subway system
Does not have any National Park units
Raises the most turkeys
Produces the most toothpicks
Is the only one whose east and west borders are formed by rivers
Grows the most sunflowers
Contains the only city built within a meteor crater
Has the tallest water tower in the world

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