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Who broke into people's houses?
Who finishes Emily's make-up test?
Who is a doctor?
Who stole from the bank?
Who was engaged to Ezra?
Who did Mona see spying?
Who is dating a college professor?
Who worked on the yearbook?
Who is experiencing an ambiguous loss?
Who is Garrett's lawyer?
Who moved in to the DiLaurentis house?
Who was Toby in contact with when Spencer broke up with him?
Who dated Mona, Aria, and Jenna?
Who hit Hanna with a car?
Who was fake blind?
Who is missing?
Who divorced Byron?
Who was fake pregnant?
Who does martial arts?
Who is in a mental hospital?
Who was the DJ at the fashion show?
Whose ring did Spencer pawn?
Whose girlfriend died?
Who saw the 'A cave' on the night of the ball?
Who had a relationship with Meredith?
Who had a relationship with Isabel?
Who is a cop in jail?
Who had a crush on Emily on the swim team?
Who had a relationship with his sister?
Who taught AP English?
Who was hanging from the church tower?
Who sends the girls texts?
Who got Hanna drunk at the wedding rehearsal dinner?
Who helped the girls with the fashion show?
Who stayed with Lucas when he had no home?

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