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You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand
We're driving down the road/I wonder if you know
Maybe I was Naieve/Got lost in your eyes
Come on, Come on/Say that we'll be together/Come on come on/ little taste of heaven
I've watched you so long/Screamed your name/ I don't know what else I can say
Could have loved you all my life if you hadn't left me waiting in the cold
All those other girls/Well they're beautiful/But would they write a song for you
I was right there beside him/ all summer long
So I'll drive home alone/as I turn out the light
You sit in class next to a redhead named Abigail/And soon enough you're best friends
Was I out of line/Did I say something way too honest made you run and hide/like a scared little boy?
Hold on baby you're losing it/The waters high you're jumping into it and letting go
You saw me there and never knew/ That I would give it all up to be/A part of this a part of you
So I start a fight because I need to feel something
So go and tell your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy/that's fine I'll tell mine you're gay
Pretty girls on every corner/they watch him while he's walking home/saying does he know/will you ever know?
You were never good enough for him or anything like me/so you might as well sit back cause i'm not trying to show maturity
wish I had concentrated/they said love was complicated/but it's something I just fell into
I could be your favorite blue jeans with the holes in the knees/ in the bottom of the top drawer
I've heard every album listened to the radio/waiting for something to come along
We keep quiet because we're dead if they knew/So close your eyes
I'm in my room it's a typical Tuesday night I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like
There's a fire inside of you/that can't help but shine through
You out clubbin/but I just made carmel delights
First thought when I wake up/Is my god he's beautiful/So I put on my makeup/And pray for a miracle
Sometimes I think of you late at night/I don't know why/ I want to be somewhere where you are/I want to be where...
Take me down/baby bring on the movie star/cus my heart is beating fast and you are beautiful
They might be bigger/But we're faster/and never scared
You tell me that you love me/then cut me down
I've never gone with the wind/Just let it flow/let it take me where it wants to go
I have an excellent father/his strength is making me stronger
Was it worth it/Was she worth this?
I don't know what I want/So Dont ask me/Cus im still trying to figure it out
Well I was 16 when suddenly/I wasn't that little girl you used to see
No matter what you say/I still can't believe/That you would walk away/It don't make sense to me
He is sensible and so incredible/and all my single friends are jealous
Friday night beneath the stars/In a field behind your yard
I heard a song tonight on the radio/Another girl sings about a boy

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