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What is Brooke's middle name?Maria
What is Chloe's little sister's name?Clara
What is Peyton's mother's name?Leslie
who's dad went to school with Abby?Nias
Who's mom was a student of Abby's?kelly
Who got the part on Drop Dead Diva?Maddie
Who's husband sells beef jerky?cathys
What is maddie and mackenzie's dads name?Kurt
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Where was the group dance 'beach fun' performed?Miami Beach Florida
Which place was the competiton cancelled?Texas
Where is Cathy's studio?Ohio
What season was Paige on the top of the pyramid?season two
What kind of dance was Mackenzie's duet with Nia?acro
Who danced to watercolors fade?chloe
What was Kendall's first solo at Candy Apples?i think i like you

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