Endocrine Glands and their Hormones

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GlandHormonesMajor Functions
hypothalamusstimulates anterior pituitary
anterior pituitarystimulates thyroid
anterior pituitarystimulates adrenal cortex
anterior pituitarystimulates tissue growth
anterior pituitaryregulates egg and sperm production
anterior pituitaryregulates sex hormones production
anterior pituitarystimulates milk production
anterior pituitarypossible pain control
interior pituitarystimulates melanocytes
posterior pituitarywater retention by kidneys; inc. blood pressure
posterior pituitarycauses uterine contraction and milk ejection
pinealinfluences body rhythms
thymusregulates T-cell maturation
thyroidincreases metabolic rate
thyroiddecreases plasma calcium
parathyroidincreases plasma calcium
adrenal cortexstimulates glucose production released in stress
adrenal cortexsodium retention in kidney; inc. blood volume
adrenal cortexanabolism
GlandHormonesMajor Functions
adrenal medullafight or flight response to stress
pancreaslowers plasma sugar
pancreasraises plasma sugar
pancreasregulates insulin & glucagon
ovariescontrols and promotes female characteristics
ovariescervical dilation and pubic lig. stretch
ovariesinhibits FSH secretion
testescontrols and promotes male characteristics
testesinhibits FSH secretion
heartpromotes sodium excretion in kidney; lowers BV
kidneypromotes RBC production
kidneystarts angiotensin system; which raises BP
liverpromotes mitosis and growth in cartilage
placentamaintains mother in pregnant state
placentastimulates corpus luteum to secrete progesterone
placentastimulates breast development
GI tractcontrol and modify GI tract
skinstimulates absorption of Ca++ from intestine

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