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Can you name the movie using three actors who appeared in it as well as the year it was made?

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Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas, Harvey Keitel1980
Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David1982
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside1990
Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen1986
Angela Bassett, Ralph Fiennes, Tom Sizemore1995
James Doohan, Ricardo Montelban, George Takei1982
Michael York, Farrah Fawcett, Jenny Agutter1976
Richard Dreyfuss, Teri Garr, Fran├žois Truffaut1977
Kurt Russell, Donald Pleasence, Ernest Borgnine1981
Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving. Laurence Fishburne1999
Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, Linda Hamilton1984
Donald Sutherland, Leonard Nimoy, Jeff Goldblum1978
Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell, Alan Rickman1999
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael Biehn, Ed Harris1989
Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill,Jack Noseworthy1997
James Spader, Lou Diamond Phillips, Robin Tunney2000
Gary Oldman, Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm1997
Peter Weller, Jeff Goldblum, Clancy Brown1984
Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Linda Harrison1968
Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Daryl Hannah1983

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