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Can you name the movies (that have been released in theaters) with the word 'alien' in the title?

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1979Sigourney Weaver
1992Sigourney Weaver
2005Megan Lee Ethridge
1999Bouli Lanners
2007Mark Dacascos
2006Ant & Dec
1999Penelope Dudley
1980Buster Crabbe
1988Kathy Ireland
2003James Spader
2002Kenneth Branagh
1988James Caan
2008Carlos Bernard
1997Sigourney Weaver
1996Charles Napier
1974Donald Sutherland
2009Eric McCormack
1986Sigourney Weaver
2009Carter Jenkins
2004Sanaa Lathan
2007Steven Pasquale
1989Judy Landers
2002Diedrich Bader
1990Matt Kulis
2002Adam Sarner
2009Reese Witherspoon
1988Kim Basinger
2004Rob Stefaniuk
1976Don Leifert

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