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DescriptionComic Name
Your welcome for Batman Begins, because I wrote the first good Batman origin
I was never a day person anyway, so now that I cant go out during the day, things haven't changed that much
I am not the best father but I am not a demon, yes I thought my kid was dead, and yes I dont really talk to him, but so what
To see if I will go crazy, a man strips me naked.
I am so smart I can create an alter ego of myself, just in case
Ever have the worst killer become super powered, than recruit his fellow villains, yeah me neither
Whatever happened to this last question?
DescriptionComic Name
Some people do strange things to get back together
Dont know if i should write this Superman might be watching
Superman the bucket list
Dont you hate when your girlfriend falls of a bridge and dies, yeah me too
I wonder where Bruce is, cause Clark seems to be the only one in Gotham
Batman is not sexist even when it comes to being robin

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