How Well Do You Know 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'?

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Which actor couldn't really sing?
What is the name of the book the Criminologist reads from?
What was the name of the actor who played both a Transylvanian and photographer in the movie?
What is Eddie's Juvenile Delinquency Number?
What shape is on Franks lab coat?
How many dogs chase Rocky?
How many Transylvanians appear in the movie?
Finish this line: 'Whatever happened to Saturday night? When you dressed up sharp and you felt ____'
The concept for the Lips at the beginning for The Rocky Horror Picture Show was from what Man Ray's painting?
Which Transylvanian was Richard O'Brien once married to?
Who is making the speech on the car radio when they get a puncture?
At the start of the Timewarp, the clock is set to six o'Clock. But how many times does it ring?
When they unvail Rocky, Frank screams out something. What does he say?
What does Frank do with his hands when he jumps into the pool?
What does Frank use to operate the sky screen?
Why wasn't there a door to the lab?
What colour are Columbia's socks during 'The Time Warp'?
Where did Riff Raff get the rag from thay he wipes Janet off with?
Finish this line: 'We're a wild and an untammed thing, we're a bee with a ____ sting.'
What does Magenta play with as Janet sings 'Touch-a-touch-me'?
Aside from the chemical symbols scrawled on the lab wall next to the control panel, there is a grocery list. What is one item on it?
Due to the castle not having heat, one actor caught pneumonia. Who was it?
Who did Richard O'Brien say Frank N Furter was based on?

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