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Be alert to a rush of arousal in situations involving scarcity. We can then take steps to calm the arousal and better assess the merits of the opportunity. Defense against Social Influence
Touch (support, sexual, etc.)Immediacy Behavior
Most important Immediacy behaviorImmediacy Behavior
Immediacy Effects (4)IE
Spending time on one subjectImmediacy Behavior
Express demands or advice in specific measurable terms, offering practical suggestionsRH Characteristic
Immediacy Effects (1)IE
Speaker broaches the topic in an indirect manner, hoping for individual speaker action.Politeness Strategy
Leave openings for flexibility & negotiationRH Characteristic
Issue is framed positively, focus on benefits of compliancePoliteness Strategy
Baby talk, backchanneling (mhm, uh huh)Immediacy Behavior
No mitigation of face threat - brutally honestPoliteness Strategy
Speaker deflects criticism by attempting to control the individual or interactionDefensive Message
Body Movements/GesturesImmediacy Behavior
Take a step back and mentally separate the requestor from the offer and make your decision based solely on the merits of the offer.Defense against Social Influence
Recognize that the actions of similar others should NOT form the sole basis of our own decisions.Defense against Social Influence
Implies that the speaker has special status/knowledge & others are unqualified to challenge itDefensive Message
Immediacy Effects (3)IE
Physical distance/body orientationImmediacy Behavior
Assumes an imposition on the part of the speaker or an inadequacy in the target and attempts to redress the situation by showing recognitionPoliteness Strategy
Offer empathy/perspective takingRH Characteristic
Own Perspective is only valid one; resistant to changeDefensive Message
Expresses that the topic is not worthy of the time or considerationDefensive Message
Verbal and NV resources for mitigating the 'threat' associated with a face threatening actDefinition
Approach issue from a neutral basisRH Characteristic
Refraining from the topic completelyPoliteness Strategy
Immediacy Effects (2)IE

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