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Can you name the 'A Very Potter Musical' and 'Sequel' lyrics?

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LyricSong (number of words)
Never schemed or counted on fantasies or wishes'To Have A Home' (8)
I'm living off the glory'Hey Dragon' (5)
I'm hoping that the good old days are'Days Of Summer' (8)
Somebody's going down'Let The Games Begin' (5)
I'm remembering how you thought you were at the top'Stutter' (8)
Back to spells and enchantments'Final Song' (3)
It feels like my eyes have been transfigured'Granger Danger' (5)
Everything is falling'Harry' (7)
I would never do anything that could hurt you'Those Voices' (5)
Home field advantage, the upper hand is ours'No Way' (5)
Cause when I'd start to sway'To Dance Again' (4)
To realize tears in your eyes'Guys Like Potter' (4)
LyricSong (number of words)
I'll always do my best'Not Alone' (4)
To give me strength, show concern'Missing You' (5)
The plan is simple: I propose that'Not Over Yet' (8)
You're tall and fun and skinny'Cho Chang' (4)
I'd wager that you'd never run from danger'Gettin' Along' (6)
The coolest girl on the face of the planet'The Coolest Girl' (7)
I'm the Mickey to your Minnie'Ginny' (6)
I like folding all of my ties'Different As Can Be' (9)
She only reads books so she cannot draw'Hermione Can't Draw' (9)
Now it's time to be a man'Voldemort is Going Down' (9)
Take my Firebolt, gonna take to the sky'Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts' (7)
With that lightning scar'Harry Freakin' Potter' (6)

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