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DefinitionRepeated Letter
black olive of GreeceA
chattering or light-headed, flighty personB
emaciated, usually in associated with cancer or chronic infectious diseaseC
shook, trembled, totteredD
a group of people regarded as disreputable or worthlessF
signaling by movement of two flags according to a codeG
inflammation of the gumsI
ornamental trinketK
a handle, cord of strip of cloth pulled to ring a bellL
DefinitionRepeated Letter
an x-ray image of the breastM
not belonging to a labor unionN
a North American plant, Sanguinaria canadensis, of the poppy family, having a red root and root sap and a solitary white flower. Also called a red pucoon.O
an unimportant but offensively presumptuous person, esp. a young oneP
an appliance for keeping food coolR
a murderer, esp. one who kills a politically prominent person for fanatical or monetary reasons. S
cheapest or tawdriestT
a long, loose-hanging dress, usually brightly colored or patterned, worn esp. by Hawaiian women. U
energy; vitality; vigorZ

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