Nicknames of U.S. Historical Figures

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Can you name the Real Names of the following U.S. Historical Figures by their Nicknames?

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NicknameReal Names
'Atilla of the West'
'Fighting Quaker' (Revolutionary War)
'The Hanging Judge' (Indian Territory)
'Little Giant'
'Great Compromiser'
'Wild Bill'
'Deep Throat' (Watergate)
'The Hanging Judge' (Texas)
'Sword of the Revolution' (American Revolution)
'Buffalo Bill'
NicknameReal Names
'Granny' (Civil War era)
'King of the Smugglers' (Colonial America)
'The Swamp Fox' (American Revolution)
'Bloody Bill' (Civil War era)
'Father of the Constitution'
'Fighting Joe' (Civil War era)
'Old Blood and Guts'
'Mad Anthony' (American Revolution)
'Lucky Lindy'

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