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When the U.S. joined WWI, on which side did they fight?
Prior to WWI - France, Russia and England formed the
Argentina, Brazil and Chile as a group were known as
The sale of these financial instruments helped fund WW I
Outrage over the sinking of this British ship by a German U-Boat helped bring the U.S. into WW I.
Headed up the AEF during WWI
The Scope's Trial concerned the illegal teaching of
Constitutional Amendment granting suffrage to American Women
Understanding between Japan and U.S. that led to an end to Japan immigration
Name, Place, EventEnter the Name, Place or Event
Once WWI started Germany and her allies were known by what name
Name given to the German telegram encouraging Mexico to make war on the U.S.
Prior to WWI - Germany, Italy and Austro-Hungary formed the
Regarding WWI what started at 11:00 November 11, 1918
20th Century Engineering feat connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic
He lead the successful fight against the U.S. joining the League of Nations
First commercial radio station
Only Amendment that repeals another amendment
The constitutional amendment creating prohibition

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