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AEgg group - Water 3
BBranched Evolutionary Family - Evolves either into Mothim (Male) or Wormadam (Female)
CType - Primary Poison Type Pokemon
DEvolutionary Family - Evolves from Phanpy
EGender - Genderless
FBody Style - Pokemon consisting of only a head
GBranched Evolutionary Family - Evolves from Snorunt, which can either evolve into this Pokemon or Froslass
HType - Primary Dark Type Pokemon
IEgg group - No eggs
JGender - 3 Female : 1 Male
KBody Style - Pokemon with fins
LType - Primary Psychic Type Pokemon
MEgg group - Ground and Humanshape
NEvolutionary Family - Evolves from Hoothoot
OBody Style - Pokémon with tentacles or a multiped body
PGender - Genderless
QType - Primary Water Type Pokemon
RType - Unique Type Combination
SBody Style: Pokémon consisting of a head and arms
TEvolutionary Family - Evolves from Quilava, which evolves from Cyndaquil
UBranched Evolutionary Family - Evolves from Eevee
VType - Pure Fire Type Pokemon
WType - Bug-Grass, Bug-Ground, or Bug-Steel
XEvolutionary Family - Evolves from Natu
YEvolutionary Family - Evolves from Yanma
ZNational Dex Number - To Be Announced

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