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Why did albany fail?
What did the 1957 civil rights act concentrate on
governor of arkansas
Mayor of Chicago
Year James Meredith tried to attend University of Mississippihe eventually succeeded when kennedy sent in federal troops to help him
Year of the Chicago Campaign
Years of the albany movement
Year of the Mississippi Freedom summer
Year of the freedom rides
MLK's method
How did Johnson persuade the senators to pass the civil rights act?
Year the selma campaign was launched
what did faubus do after Eisenhower made the national guard escort the students to little rock high school?
Name of MLK's speech after the march on washington
HintAnswerExtra Info
When was Johnson's first civil rights act?month and year
Date of the March on Washingtonmonth day year
year of the little rock campaign
what did the 1960 civil rights act concentrate on?
Which act was passed in 1965?
Why did SNCC choose Mississippi for the freedom summer?
Year the birmingham campaign was launched
Chief of police of Birmingham
with in a month, how many states had the sitins spread to?
Chief of police in Albany
Years of Johnson's presidency
How many were killed in the Watts Riots
year the greensboro sit ins began

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