USA Civil Rights Edexcel AS Level : 1940s and 50s

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Who was arrested at the start of the MBB?for refusing to give up her seat to a white person on a bus
When was the NAACP founded?National Association for the advancement of colored people
When was Brown V Board of Education of Topeka?segregation in schools outlawed
When was morgan v Virginia?interstate bus segregation outlawed
Why was there de facto segregation in the North?
Which executive order outlawed discrimination in defence and federal employment?passed by Roosevelt
When was 'To Secure These rights' commissioned?
When was the Montgomery Bus boycott launched?
Who was the main lawyer of the NAACP?
What was the literacy clause?
When was Plessy v Ferguson?
Who was the chief justice of the supreme court in 1954?
When was SNCC formed?Student Non violent coordinating committee
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When was the SCLC founded?Southern Christian Leadership Conference
When was CORE founded?Congress of Racial Equality
What was the ruling of Plessy v Ferguson?
What was the court case that the NAACP mounted alongside the MBB?
When did eisenhower become president?
What was the ruling of Brown II?desegregation of schools should happen...
Who was the president of the Montgomery Improvement Association?
when did truman become president?after roosevelt's death
What was the grandfather clause?
What was set up to enforce roosevelt's executive order?
What were the NAACP's main methods?
How many lynchings were there in 1933?

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