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Characters They've PlayedActor NameMovies
Sue Storm/Honey Daniels/Sydney Wells
Fred Fenster/Franky Four Fingers/Ernesto Che Guevara
Winnie Foster/Georgina Darcy/Lena Kaligaris
John Coffey/Wilson Fisk/Franky Figs
Valerie Brown/Mimi Marquez/Laura Vasquez
Trip Fontaine/Capt. Danny Walker/Matt Sullivan
Rebecca Warner/Ingrid Cortez/Sally Jupiter
Roy Batty/John Ryder/Lothos
Nurse Betty Brayer/Lorelei Rox/Sarah Palmer
Vic Vega/Virgil Earp/Damian Falco
Characters They've PlayedActor NameMovies
Daisy Randone/Elisabeth Burrows/Molly Gunn
Charles Schine/Dalton Russell/Theo Faron
Wendy Peffercorn/Margaret Henderson/Diane Weston
Harley Davidson/Ed Moseby/Randy 'The Ram' Robinson
Gavin Strick/Bobby Kent/John Connor
Korben Dallas/Dr Malcolm Crowe/Mr. Goodkat
Huck Finn/Matt Buckner/Mumble*
What movie starred all these people?
Freebie (same answer as above)

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