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In 'Russians', Sting quotes this former Soviet leader saying 'we will bury you'
Austrian businessman depicted in this 1993 movie about saving Jews from the holocaust
U2's hymn about the happenings in Derry in 1972
Simple Minds' song about the 1987 Enniskillen bombing
The songs 'MLK' and 'Pride (in the name of love)' both tell about this figure
Rapper from the 90's stating 'We ain't ready to see a black President'
The much covered song 'Hasta Siempre' tells about this historical revolutionary
In 1965, Herman's Hermits had a number-one hit about this British King
Don't Cry for me Argentina is a call to the Argentine people not to cry for this lady
Eighties anthem named after the plane that dropped the first Atomic Bomb
According to Swedish popgroup ABBA, Napoleon did surrender at this place
Frank Miller's comic later turned into the movie '300' was about this battle
The Emperor depicted in awardwinning movie 'The Gladiator'
The 2006 movie, 'The Last King of Scotland' revolves around the life of this dictator
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton starred in this 1963 historical epic about Egypt's last Pharaoh
Mel Gibson portrayed this character in Braveheart
Boney M song about this Russian Mystical figure
Name of a 2004 film but also a Sinead O'Connor song, although the latter has nothing to do with this historical place

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