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Belgian city known as 'The Venice of the North'
Scandinavian Capital formerly known as Christiania
Martin Luther King was killed in this city
First big Norman victory on English soil in 1066
Capital of the Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine Empire
Choson/Joseon was the predecessor of this country
French Town that served as residence for 7 Popes
Leopoldville is the former name for the capital of which country
Capital of the Aztec empire
Former Italian city-state, now known as 'The City of Water'
First country to be attacked at the start of World War II
Roman name for present day France
Former name of Volgograd, known for it's famous battle in WWII
The first Asian city to reach 1 million inhabitants in 775 AD
Krak des Chevaliers can nowadays be found in this country
Roman city known for the nearby eruption of the Vesuvius
The first place to be listed on the UN World Heritage List (Islands)
The Treaty ending World War I was signed here
Original Dutch name for New York
Ancient city, known for its lighthouse and library
Napoleon Bonaparte met his defeat at this place
City of Hannibal, one of the contestants in the Punic Wars against Rome
Capital of West Germany
Last stand of Spartan king Leonidas against the Persian army

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