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Franco-Belgian comic strip about Gaul adventures under Caesar's reign
The Emperor who build a wall to defend south Britannia
The river crossing the City
SPQR stands for
Roman historical writer, known for the 'Annals' and 'Historiae'
Under this Emperor, the empire was at its maximum extend
First hill of Rome to be inhabited
Carthago can nowadays be found in this country
Emperor to make Christianity the official religion
Commander over 83 men in the Roman army
Name of a three-banked Roman war boat
The bravest tribe according to Julius Caesar
An open-air venue for spectator sports, concerts, rallies, or theatrical performances
Egyptian Pharao to carry Julius Caesar's child
First King of Rome
The Pont Du Gard in France is an example of this structure
Biggest still remaining circus in Rome
The first african Emperor of Rome
Dacia is the former name of this nowadays country
The final war of the Roman Republic ended here
The Gaul leader that met his defeat at Alesia
Animal that raised the legendary founders of Rome
Number of kings to rule the Roman Kingdom
Latin for 'King'

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