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Can you name the Countries described in 3 words?

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Judaism, Christianity, Islam
IKEA, Moose, Pines
Fjords, Geysers, Thermal baths
Vikings, Snow, Northern Light
Sausages, Beer, Cars
Sheep, Lord of the Rings, Rugby
Carnival, football, rainforest
Vodka, Red, Caviar
Wine, Bread, Boursin
Hinduism, Elephants, IT
Pasta, Pizza, Art
Flamenco, Bullfighting, Paella
Cigars, Socialism, Revolutionaries
Llamas, Revolutionairies, Indians
Traditional, Tea, Biscuits
Tango, Evita, Beef
Oil, Skylines, Sheikhs
Islands, Coasts, Balkans
Waffles, Chocolate, Beer
Beer, Green, Leprachauns
Watches, Chocolate, Fondue
Rice, Yellow, Ancient inventors
Yaks, Yurts, Khans
Kangaroos, Koalas, Aboriginals
Pre Columbian, Tacos, Burritos
Nokia, Saunas, Lakes
Manga, Sushi, Saki
Rugby, Springbok, Afrikaans
Feta, Olives, Antiquity
Windmills, Tulips, Dykes
Yodeling, Mountaineering, Habsburg
Hockey, Cold, Maple

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