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Leather pants, beer, discipline, efficiency, world domination
Boastful, fat, loud, fastfood, opinion about everything
Cool attitude, boring, lakes, saunas, Santa Claus, cold
Chocolate, beer, waffles, sprouts, fries, where on earth is that?
Beer, drunks, rough, red hair, green clothing, leprechauns
Frogeaters, unshaved women, cuisine, wine, cowards
All own a little store, talk funny english, dirty people, pretty clothes, slums, call centers
Drugs barons, corrupt police, coffee, jungles
Football, carnival, enthusiastic fans, logging, hot girls
Poor, tacos, moustaches, gardeners, lazy
Geeks, kimchi, computer games, eat dog meat, metrosexual
Ugly, tea, biscuits, conservative, stiff, bad kids
Reggae, dreadlocks, weed, 'yah mon, respect mon'
Cheese, tulips, drugs, water, flat, prostitutes
Heavy metal, moose, weird language, hot blondes, IKEA
Neutral, watches, chocolate, melted cheese
Drunk men, big women, gambling, vodka, organized crime
Cigars, dictators, beaches, feisty people
Weird fetishes, hard workers, manga, raw fish, smart
Little dark men, hot women, mafia, pasta
Hockey, desolate country, peaceful, stereotypes aboot us, eh?
Lazy, hot women, unemployed, speak too fast, paella
Heavy drinkers, hats with winecorks, boxing kangaroos
Hot blondes, singing language, cold, patriotic, expensive, vikings

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