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Wearing a skirt as a man can be fined with imprisonment
Their official president has been dead since 1994
Jails pupils as young as 15 when they cheat on their exam
About 800 languages are spoken in this country
Pregnant women are not allowed to wear hats here
Houses the most Maltese people
Was purchased in 1822 for a box of beads, three pairs of shoes, a box of soap, a barrel of rum, and 12 spoons
The only country to ever issue a banana-shaped stamp
Has 11 sheep per inhabitant
Has no voting right for members of the police and armed forces
Its inhabitants drink more beer than anyone else in the world
Fun FactCountry
Women may dance here in public wearing nothing but a piece of gauze covering her belly button
Has the shortest national anthem (4 lines)
Has the highest rate of deaths by powered lawnmowers
Has a bill of rights for cows
Invented the sauerkraut
Here it is illegal to possess a cow while being drunk
Has a capital within another capital
Not flushing the toilet is illegal here
Has most comic makers per square kilometer in the world
Their army consists entirely of Officers
Has the most pyramids in the world

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