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till the amazons win againep2
Geoff I really screwed up I felt some dude upaftermath1
We're heading down to Newfoundland that rocky eastern shoreep9
ew- shouldn't have mocked you for having to digep20
you are the worst why must you torment me ep21
you don't want to eat us humansep2
It doesn't need to be a boat as long as it stays afloatep15
I dance a jig when chris shoves you off the planeep6
and All those times you made me smile you wanted my man all the wile!!!!!!! ep13
the taxis honk out of New York diddy.ep5
the strings of my heart are a tangled messep4
there's heather she's an ice queen, but she's been playin' hardaftermath4
I want to release a scientific investigation to weather your even from the human nation aftermath1
I'm tall. I'm tan, I'm young, I'm hansomep19
Why'd I ever let you go.....Why's I ever let you go.....ep10
mna man chi means dinner for four.ep17
I love Paris in the spring timeep8
She'll tell you that she loves your shirt wile it something she can't standaftermath3
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?ep12
no way,I can't strip him Duncan will freak!ep11
Duncan do it lets go!ep 1
we're singing as we're fallingep3
You had your chance and you turned him down so don't be giving me no chancy frown. ep14
Rockin it Hawaii style!aftermath4
Almost gets you nowhere around here you're just a loser duo that's allep18
this is so against the rules does Chris think we're a bunch of foolsep16
Jamaica there stuck down inaftermath2
We should have just gone left!ep7
You thought you got me good, okay maybe you didaftermath2
I'm so right it's ill, worth one-fifth of the mill.ep22

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