MLB Players by Anagram: AL East

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Can you name the MLB players from the anagrams given below?

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Blue Jays
A Hall Iron 
Invader Stirs 
Relay Bounces 
A Bias Jets Out 
Amid Land 
Suckle Tot 
Elder Reek 
Rabbi Snorter 
Karma Kicks In 
Jeer Hermit Guy 
A Gravel Onion 
Carp Divide 
Lechers Enjoy Milk 
Bronze Bits 
Jail Shed Mess 
Red Sox
Variant Jokes 
Cruelly Jabs Boy 
Sneer Jolt 
Pennant Jab Hoopla 
Midlife Tweak 
Jerked Tree 
Mariner Via Oar 
Regularized Ox 
Carbon Onions 
Area Mixer Kit 

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