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to pacify, to be conciliatory in a manner that sacrifices principles
official approval, praise, or commendation
very difficult to accomplish or to achieve
to make amends
excessive boldness, rashness, daring
kindness, generosity, charity
irreverent, profane
a serious event causing distress or misfortune
immature or inexperienced
fickle, changeable
lack of agreement; tension; strife
to send away with promptness or speed; speed, quickness
a false appearance, a fake punch to occupy defenses allowing a real blow
state of agitation, commotion
something that precedes or forecasts
beginning to come into being; in the early stage of something
to start a fire; to stir up
abundant in growth; very fertile
mournful; expressing sorrow
feathers of a bird
incisive, keen
to tear violently; to split
resonant, producing a full and rich sound
very juicy
beyond what is needed; excessive
full of life
bright, distinct, clear
able to use words easily; fluent and glib
great sorrow, grief, or misfortune
one who embraces a cause and supports it with vigor

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