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When an inanimate object is giving human characteristics
Compares two things with the use of like or as
Reference to something from religion, history, literature, politics or another branch of culture?
The attitude of the author towards the subject of the work that is evident through the use of literary resources
Similar to meter; recurrences of stressed and unstressed syllables at equal intervals
The use of language to portray a vision, feeling, smell or taste?
Repetition of word or phrase at the beginning of two or more sentances in a row?
Repetition of similar or the same consoant sounds in words that are near each other?
A poem written in unrhymed iambic pentameter?
Repetition of similar vowel sounds in words that are close together?
When a person, place or thing is referred to by something closely related to it? E.g. 'The white house' for the President
The unifying idea of the literary work that provides insight of the human condition
a poetic theme that emphasizes seizing the day
A long speech made by a character when no one else is on stage, often found in Shakespeares work
A long, elaborate metaphor
a figure of speech that compares two unlike things, using like or as
poetry with lines of varying lengths and containing no specific rhyme, or metrical pattern
a part of speech in which the part represents the whole. E.g. 'Please lend a hand'
Calling out to an imaginary, dead or absent person?
A person, place or thing that represents something more than itself
a pause within a line of poetry
an unpleasant combination of unpleasant sounds
Choice of words
Words that make a sound. Boom! Bam!
the unit of measurement in a line of poetry

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