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Date pickedGameCreatorJoy FactorCurator
Apr 16th  [population]Top 20 Settlements in Surrey (Map)Cryptus53popestcyril
Apr 16th  [Minefield]Taller Than 6 feet MinefieldGoldenOstritch734Buckler
Apr 16th  [MLB]MLB One Man Team (Offense)Swissvale122hscer
Apr 16th  [word ladder]Word Ladder: Cuppa What?Mimbleton72rer2121
Apr 16th  [author]Literary Movements by Authorskhands67jakethegoldfish
Apr 16th  [General Knowledge]UK Mini MinefieldsMateo56-beforever
Apr 16th  [vocabulary]Every 4-Letter Word From the Right Keyboard SidevikZ6beforever
Apr 16th  [The Walking Dead]The Walking Dead Characters A to Zmyitbos69myitbos
Apr 16th  [Word Play]Apt Puns in Sentencesprockstar8353JoeBeta
Apr 16th  [United Kingdom]Historic County Towns of England (Map)weevil671Mateo56
Apr 16th  [Europe]Europe Logic PuzzleTreverbeast454-Mateo56
Apr 16th  [elements]Elements by Isotope Abundanceswallstreet29ers26Mateo56
Apr 15th  [quote]Hitler or Gandhi?MSUKent-sassmonger
Apr 15th  [Follow That Line]Follow That Line: WatchmenEddieFelson-Puzzgal
Apr 15th  [Follow That Line]Follow That Line: Moonrakerhymietherobot-Puzzgal
Apr 15th  [Follow That Line]The Incredibles Follow by LineGorbatuluk35Puzzgal
Apr 15th  [easter]Easter Movies (Images)Hejman72johnnytaken
Apr 15th  [classical]Symphonists: Less than, More than, Equal toNJSB-NJSB
Apr 15th  [logic]1-36 Logic Puzzlednp4262vikZ
Apr 15th  [Movie Characters]What Movie? Beds in Movies (Slideshow)Larryholmes7994beforever
Apr 15th  [TV Show]TV Show by JohnLydia66Spacemaniac
Apr 15th  [A Song of Ice and Fire]ASOIAF King's Landing Liars Logic Puzzlefeldman1056Lily7777777
Apr 15th  [This or That]This or That? Celebrity Edition (A-Z)DiBZ46Mateo56
Apr 15th  [Lyrics]Dolly Parton 'Jolene' LyricsPAisGreat35manonthemoon
Apr 15th  [Best Picture]I Was Nominated and All I Got Was a Lousy T-Shirt (90s)Joe728715manonthemoon
Apr 15th  [definition]17+ Letter Vocabulary (Insane)iglew64TheCleverone
Apr 15th  [letter]Three Movies: 'K' Actorsaquascape45Scott
Apr 14th  [WWE]Irwin R. Schyster WWF PPV opponentsnscox87nscox
Apr 14th  [Begins and Ends]'I' #1sjmsr52529triviahappy
Apr 14th  [pokémon]Video Game by Pikachu (Slideshow)dlh123139monji
Apr 14th  [vocabulary]Read My LIPnspyred51beforever
Apr 14th  [General Knowledge]White 50Flick42beforever
Apr 14th  [Movie Characters]Johnny Depp's CostarsMovieGuru16beforever
Apr 14th  [NBA]NBA Territorial Draft Pickscasjii20hotsauce_gm
Apr 14th  [art]Decades by Art Historykhands57Aprilli
Apr 14th  [The Walking Dead]Most Lines in The Walking Dead: Season 4zrex37myitbos
Apr 14th  [word ladder]Word Ladder: Musical SymbolsJoeBeta96rer2121
Apr 14th  [World Cup]Semi-Finalists' Squads FIFA World Cup 1990NahuOost-LabinotHarbuzi
Apr 14th  [missing word]Missing Word: Movie Title Verbskhands94zalkon2004
Apr 14th  [James Bond]James Bond by Title Lengthhscer52Tom007
Apr 13th  [Movie Resume]Missing Word: Mickey Rooney A-ZFlick32johnnytaken
Apr 13th  [Movie Resume]Mickey Rooney MoviesNate_the_Great26johnnytaken
Apr 13th  [easter]Typing Challenge: 100 Easter Wordsbeforever72johnnytaken
Apr 13th  [Follow That Line]Follow That Line: Billy Madisontherm33105Puzzgal
Apr 13th  [show]UK Comedy Shows Chronologymrsmith27DesertSpartan
Apr 13th  [alphabet]Capital Alphabet per Continents RubenW30Chenchilla
Apr 13th  [church]Angel or AngleFlick69popestcyril
Apr 13th  [Lord of the Rings]Who Wants to be a Silmarillionaire?severian24mic747
Apr 13th  [Politics]Figure Out The Lyrics: Song about British EmpireDesertSpartan55popestcyril
Apr 13th  [population]Most Populous State Capitals In Orderrobhop69popestcyril
Apr 13th  [US Presidents]World Leaders by George W. Bush PaintingAlcas111Spacemaniac
Apr 13th  [Word Play]Drop an Omrsmith76JoeBeta
Apr 13th  [WWE]WWE André the Giant Memorial Battle RoyalPhilThePain103nscox
Apr 13th  [Europe]Ticket to Ride Board (Europe)markassonne117Mateo56
Apr 13th  [United Kingdom]Which Country Came First?milc60Mateo56
Apr 13th  [Reality Shows]Survivor FirstsTBrown1529Scott
Apr 13th  [border]Countries That Border K Countries (mines)caramba42milc
Apr 13th  [football]NFL Quarterbacks with 0 TD Passes in a Super Bowl Winhscer94naqwerty3
Apr 12th  [Begins and Ends]A-Z Start, A-Z End (Countries)wiggytitch51triviahappy
Apr 12th  [Follow That Line]Follow that line: The Monster SquadHannibalx1428Puzzgal
Apr 12th  [Follow That Line]Follow That Line: Of Mice And Menthemightysquims-Puzzgal
Apr 12th  [Follow That Line]Follow That Line: Hank SchraderMeLoseBrainUhOh31Puzzgal
Apr 12th  [Divergent]Divergent Castdracomalfoy15mk31
Apr 12th  [nation]Australian History by Year (Clickable)RHLI55Scout_Number_4
Apr 12th  [math]Trigonometry Blitzleppyfresh36Rom
Apr 12th  [Video Games]Video Game and Boss MatchJengajam37Jengajam
Apr 12th  [missing word]Missing Word: Why So Blue?slipkid33zalkon2004
Apr 11th  [Grab Bag]Decision Time! (Holiday)Purple_Parrot83metashades
Apr 11th  [Young Adult]Young Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy ISylviaSybil54metashades
Apr 11th  [Follow That Line]Follow That Line: Red Dawn (1984)myitbos30Puzzgal
Apr 11th  [Follow That Line]Follow that line: Castlealtaira_333Puzzgal
Apr 11th  [country]They Border GeorgiaFlick91amazingjosh
Apr 11th  [This or That]Decision Time! (Science)Purple_Parrot56Mateo56
Apr 11th  [A Song of Ice and Fire]Mixed word: Game of Thronestisch31Lily7777777
Apr 11th  [Premier League]Top 20 Premier League offenses/attacksmikkelarendt136Freddie
Apr 11th  [soccer]Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid GoalsRandleini-Freddie
Apr 11th  [play]Who Dies: Romeo and Juliettobley15khands
Apr 10th  [city]Distance Signs: European Capitals IISlinenfest86razorz
Apr 10th  [Follow That Line]Follow That Line: SupernaturalHephaestion19Puzzgal
Apr 10th  [SpongeBob]SpongeBob Episodes: Squidward or NotTreverbeast454-RaysRule2010
Apr 10th  [famous]A Girl's Description of Famous MoviesTroublemaker10RaysRule2010
Apr 10th  [MLB]MLB: BA, OBP, SLG, and OPSjmnyyankees10128hscer
Apr 10th  [Disney]Prince Hans Profile (According to Anna)PlatypusInPlaid98dolebanana
Apr 10th  [testament]A Quote From EVERY SINGLE New Testament Bookamazingjosh31ChargingTiger
Apr 10th  [TV Show]TV Show by Jail/Prison Scene (Slideshow)william2126Spacemaniac
Apr 10th  [clip]Pop 2004: Artist Blitz (clips)TimMierz62JoeBeta
Apr 10th  [German]German Word Laddersesmeyny97Cryptus
Apr 10th  [Europe]20th Century European Figures Match-upkhands61Mateo56
Apr 10th  [elements]Elemental Underground StationsCryptus102Mateo56
Apr 10th  [World Cup]2014 World Cup 100 Cap PlayersRichN9573LabinotHarbuzi
Apr 10th  [Follow That Line]Follow That Line: A Day At the RacesJareeve56Puzzgal
Apr 10th  [Follow That Line]Follow That Line: The Wolf of Wall Streetyoumomo77Puzzgal
Apr 10th  [world]5-Letter Geography Colour Squaresmrsmith29milc
Apr 10th  [missing word]Missing Word: Movie Moon Phasesminshkins58zalkon2004
Apr 9th  [state]Largest Australian Cities' Locationspuckett8639razorz
Apr 9th  [logo]Corporate Logos by DescriptionNYYanks-Chenchilla
Apr 9th  [Oscar]10 to 1 Director and Best Picture Nominee CountdownHail_the_Hale98MovieGuru
Apr 9th  [easter]Easter Monday Minefield (Clickable)soljaris38johnnytaken
Apr 9th  [show]“NOBODY expects... this Monty Python Sketch”needapausebutton57MrChewypoo
Apr 9th  [flags]Country by Birdjonesjeffum111jonesjeffum