Men like Jaime Lannister

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Can you name the other men that fits these descriptions?

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Led a siege of Riverrun
Kingsguard LC from the Westerlands
Killed a king and slept with Cersei
Was offered Lysa Tully's hand in marriage
Had his first few PoVs in Storm of Swords
Kingsguard serving both Aerys and Robert
Broke his Kingsguard vows with Cersei
Son of Tywin Lannister
Left Riverrun with Brienne of Tarth
Received a sword made from Ice
Squired for Sumner Crakehall
Defeated Barristan Selmy in a tourney
Had bastards claiming the Iron Throne
Helped Tyrion escape the black cells
Lannister captured in the Whispering Wood

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