Men like Jaime Lannister

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Can you name the other men that fits these descriptions?

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Defeated Barristan Selmy in a tourney
Was offered Lysa Tully's hand in marriage
Had bastards claiming the Iron Throne
Lannister captured in the Whispering Wood
Killed a king and slept with Cersei
Helped Tyrion escape the black cells
Left Riverrun with Brienne of Tarth
Kingsguard serving both Aerys and Robert
Kingsguard LC from the Westerlands
Led a siege of Riverrun
Son of Tywin Lannister
Broke his Kingsguard vows with Cersei
Had his first few PoVs in Storm of Swords
Received a sword made from Ice
Squired for Sumner Crakehall

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