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Can you name the largest city between these cities?

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E80 between Lisbon and Istanbul
E35 between Amsterdam and Rome
E15 between Edinburgh and Barcelona
E24 between Birmingham and Ipswich
E75 between Gdansk and Athens
E50 between Paris and Brno
E105 between Kirkenes and Yalta
E40 between Calais and Chinese border (Ridder, KZ)
E52 betwen Strasbourg and Munich
E20 between Manchester and St. Petersburg
E67 between Tallin and Warsaw (a.k.a. Via Baltica)
E15 between London and Barcelona
E19 between Amsterdam and Paris
E05 between Paris and Sevilla
E79 between Miskolc and Thessaloniki
E85 between Klaipeda and Alexandroupoli, GR
E44 between Le Havre and Koblenz
E30 between the Hague and Minsk
E59 between Prague and Zagreb
E70 between Turin and Bucharest

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