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Judd Apatow/ Seth Rogan2005
Judd Apatow/ Seth Rogan2007
Judd Apatow/ Seth Rogan2009
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood1973
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood1976
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood1983
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood1985
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood1986
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood1992
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood1995
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood1999
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood2000
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood2004
Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood2008
Guy Richie/ Mark Strong2005
Guy Richie/ Mark Strong2008
Guy Richie/ Mark Strong2009
Martin Scorsese/ Leonardo DiCaprio2002
Martin Scorsese/ Leonardo DiCaprio2004
Martin Scorsese/ Leonardo DiCaprio2006
Martin Scorsese/ Leonardo DiCaprio2010
Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp1990
Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp1994
Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp1999
Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp2005
Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp2005
Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp2007
Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp2010
Woody Allen/ Scarlet Johanson2005
Woody Allen/ Scarlet Johanson2006
Woody Allen/ Scarlet Johanson2008
Sydney Pollack/ Robert Redford1973
Sydney Pollack/ Robert Redford1975
Sydney Pollack/ Robert Redford1985
John Huston/ Humphrey Bogart1941
John Huston/ Humphrey Bogart1948
John Huston/ Humphrey Bogart1948

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