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Baseball pitch with the highest velocity
James Bond villain who robs Fort Knox
Non-print way of writing
Dark-spotted beans
The Guys Are Possibly Very Large
Fasteners, three-quarters of a foot in length
Fast airplane
Environmentally friendly 24-hour period
Conflict, such as when two colors don't match
Lack of uncertainty
Inspirational Greek goddess
Adding 25, 10, 5, and 1
Light-colored hares
Rocks in motion
Keep stable
Rolling balls at pins in exchange for a hot liquid meal
One's children
Pistols 'n' Flowers
Colorful type of spicy vegetables
Quick dog-like sly animals
Kind of detention for under-18 offenders
Royal female
Always seethrough
Fruit meat in juice
Alleged childhood hometown of Jesus
Those very good at telling stories
Defensive back who covers the slot receiver
The solution to a disease
Red fruits growing on a shrub
Insect stab & government agency that fights crime
Highest card of an army installation
The Philadelphia football team
Number of fingers on one hand, colored in a shade of red
European criminal agency
Town filled with nocturnal birds
Not-evil largest city in North Carolina
Locomotive and cars
A handful interested in battle
Young man of nuclear radiation
Location of excellent seats to a boxing match
Archduke assassinated to start WWI
Alright proceed
Guys of the rear alley
Gasoline, for a car
The brain infarctions
Large-scale fixtures, often found in parks, that provides a flow of water where Colts WR Reggie emerges
First booking in soccer
Hysteria! in a dancehall
North pole primates
Beating actress Ringwald
A fertile place in a desert
To fog or glaze over, or make the lines between two things unclear
From the largest city in Quebec
A trip
The quality existence

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