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Red fruits growing on a shrub
Baseball pitch with the highest velocity
The brain infarctions
The quality existence
European criminal agency
Archduke assassinated to start WWI
Large-scale fixtures, often found in parks, that provides a flow of water where Colts WR Reggie emerges
Guys of the rear alley
Fruit meat in juice
Number of fingers on one hand, colored in a shade of red
The Philadelphia football team
The solution to a disease
Beating actress Ringwald
James Bond villain who robs Fort Knox
One's children
Highest card of an army installation
Conflict, such as when two colors don't match
Locomotive and cars
Royal female
The Guys Are Possibly Very Large
First booking in soccer
Alright proceed
Kind of detention for under-18 offenders
Always seethrough
Quick dog-like sly animals
Fast airplane
Colorful type of spicy vegetables
Inspirational Greek goddess
Defensive back who covers the slot receiver
Dark-spotted beans
Young man of nuclear radiation
From the largest city in Quebec
Not-evil largest city in North Carolina
To fog or glaze over, or make the lines between two things unclear
Non-print way of writing
Hysteria! in a dancehall
Alleged childhood hometown of Jesus
Rocks in motion
Environmentally friendly 24-hour period
Rolling balls at pins in exchange for a hot liquid meal
A fertile place in a desert
Gasoline, for a car
North pole primates
Town filled with nocturnal birds
A handful interested in battle
Light-colored hares
Lack of uncertainty
Location of excellent seats to a boxing match
Insect stab & government agency that fights crime
Those very good at telling stories
Adding 25, 10, 5, and 1
Keep stable
Pistols 'n' Flowers
Fasteners, three-quarters of a foot in length
A trip

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