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Can you name the Kpop Idols' by their greetings?

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We are one!Male Group
We the B-E-S-T _____!Female Group
Go up! _____!Male Group
Let's fly! _____!Male Group
Come and get it! _____!Male Group
Beside you _____!Female Group
여러분의 남자/yeoreobunui namjaMale Group
Now! Hero is back!Male Group
Trend-setter.Female Group
Everyday _____ _____!Female Group
Ayo! Do you wanna be _____ _____?Male Group
시작은/sijageun _____Female Group
_____ 가 떴습니다/ga tteossseupnidaFemale Group
둘셋! 방! 탄!/dulseht! bang! tan! Male Group
T to the G we _____!Female Group
우리는/urineun _____ _____ double _____ _____!Male Group
We are double one double a.Male Group
What's up! We _____!Female Group
Show time _____ time!Male Group
반짝 반짝/banjjak banjjak _____ !Female Group
So~ _____!Male Group
충.전.완.료./chung.jeon.wan.ryo. _____Male Group
Hey Ladies~Female Group
우리는/urineun _____! Let's break it downMale Group
Wake up! We are _____Female Group
Say! _____ _____! Ho!Male Group
Ace of AngelsFemale Group
우린/urin _____. Yes sir!Male Group
I'm your _____!Male Group
Real V! _____Male Group
A yo! _____ to the double _____!Male Group
지금 은~/jigeum eun~ _____!Female Group
Born to Beat.Male Group
Yo, what's up! We are _____!Male Group
A yo. What's good!Male Group
Attention! Who is the best? Hoo!Male Group
Put your hands up! 우리가/uriga _____Female Group
빛나는/biccnaneun _____ Male Group
Let's _____Female Group
Stop! It's two four kMale Group
우리는/urineun _____ _____ 어 예요/eo yeyo!Male Group

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