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PersonCollege/UniversityGraduation Year/Major
Pam Oliver1984, Broadcast Journalism
Kenny Smith1987, Industrial Relations (Economics)
Andrea Kremer1980, ?
Erin Andrews2000, Telecommunications
Terry Bradshaw1979, Physical Education
Linda Cohn1981, Arts & Communications
Dottie Pepper1987, Physical Education
Kelly Naqi1984, Philosophy
Boomer Esiason1984, ?
Erine Johnson1978, Journalism
Stewart Scott1987, Speech Communication
Chris Berman1977, History
Joe Morgan1990, Kinesiology
Leslie Visser1975, English
Keith Jackson1954, Speech Communications
Cheryl Miller1986, Communications
Suzy Kolber1986, Telecommunications
James Brown1973, Government
Jimmy Johnson1964?, Psychology
Hannah Storm1983, Political Science & Communications
Howard Cosell1938?, English & 1941?, Law School
PersonCollege/UniversityGraduation Year/Major
Tony Dungy1978, Business Administration
Robin Roberts1983, Communications
Desmond Howard1992 - Communications
Pam Ward1984,Communications
Shelley Smith1981, Journalism and Political Science
Dan Marino1983, Communications
Joe Buck1991, English
Johnny Miller1969, Physical Education
Doris Burke1987, BA-Social Work & Health Services Administration/1990 - Masters, Education
Steve Young1984 - International Relations, 1994 - Law Degree
Chris Collinsworth1981 - Accounting & 1991 Law Degree (University of Cincinnati)
Troy Aikman2009, Sociology
Greg Gumbel1967, English
Keyshawn Johnson1996, History
Al Michaels1966, Broadcasting
Kenny Mayne1982, Broadcasting
Rachel Nichols1995, Journalism
Len Berman1968, ?
Michele Tafoya 1988, Mass Communications (Broadcast Journalism) & 1991 MBA (USC)
Bryant Gumbel1970, Russian History
Frank Gifford1956, ?

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