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hey hey ______
you look ______
why did the porcupine cross the road?
what how do you _____ _____ when getting chopped in half
party rock is in the _____ toniight
you can't _____ this
hey hey bacon can i call you _____
toad is that like a frog. no more like mushroom. i know him hes a ____
try one of my spicy _____
6 bits i'm at least ___ ___
onions making _____
theres a caterpillar on your lip and it has freinds. there not a caterpillars there _____
cleary you guys are _____
they dont have noses your an ____
next time it could be a a. a ______ ______
twos company ____ a crowd
look im not playing your game ok. _____ _____
hey cheese are you feeling any ______
dont ever do that to a tomato dont you know how easily i _____
to ma to ___ ___ ____
pumpkins are fruits to you moron. yeah and elephants are __________
tomato. apple. tomato. apple. tomato. apple. tomato. ____
whats with those _____ on your head. thats my hair
look whos the _____ now
youre not a ghost youre a ____ _____
officer boo where did you get the ______ i want a ______

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