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Can you name the locations from former team nicknames used in them?

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Team NamesTeam Location Name
Arctic Blast, Blue Ox, Fighting Pike, Moose, Muskies
Eskimos, Oil Kings, Sled Dogs, Snowbirds, Trappers
Brass, Jazz, Night, Pelicans, Voodoo
Enforcers, Machine, Packers, Winds, Zephyrs
Chaparrals, Desperados, Steers, Texans, Tornado
Alleghenies, Burghers, Hardhats, Ironmen, Triangles
Dustdevils, Ice Dice, Flash, Posse, Quicksilvers
Bees, Elders, Gulls, Mormons, Trappers
Gunslingers, Missions, Riders, Silver Stars, Tejanos
Cowboys, Krunch, Mustangs, Scouts, Steers
Chickasaws, Hound Dogs, Pharaohs, RiverKings, Southmen
Clamdiggers, Pilots, Rainiers, Reign, Totems
Dynamite, Gold, Grizzlies, Mountaineers, Skyscrapers
Team NamesTeam Location Name
Apples, CityHawks, Cosmos, Gothams, Skyliners
Capitols, Congressionals, Federals, Generals, Senators
Aeros, Aviators, Pilots, Witches, Wranglers
Colt .45s, Comets, Gamblers, Hurricane, Oilers
Beavers, Forest Dragons, Loggers, LumberJax, Rose Buds
Freedom, Keystones, Liberty Belles, Quakers, Soul
Marlins, Morays, Seahawks, Sun Sox, Tourists
Bays, Clippers, Skipjacks, Stars, Terrapins
Desert Dogs, Firebirds, Inferno, Mercury, Roadrunners
Barracudas, Dixie Blues, Jacks, Sharks, Suns
Dixie Flyers, Nighthawks, Noise, Rhythm, Volunteers
Beaneaters, Lobsters, Minutemen, Pilgrims, Tea Men

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