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Mountains to the east of Rome
Who was the founder of Rome
Artform of Rome and Greece
5% of the Roman Population
In American Government who makes treaties
Etruscan land was called
Slave fighting was an influence of Rome from this group
300 Men who controlled Rome's budget
Lead the Roman Army
In American Government who collects/levys taxes
To reject a law is called
Congress governing body elected to a 2 year term
In Rome, who acted as chief priest
In Rome what governing body couldn't suggest laws
One river that formed the Northern Border of the Roman Empire
Commander in Chief of our U.S. Government
10 Plebeians who make laws for their social group
The plains on where Rome is located
This famous prince of Troy eventually settled around rome (Myth)
How old do Presidents have to be
How old do Consuls have to be
Rome located along this River
Rome was influenced by their alphabet
A form of Government with elected leaders
Mountains to the north of Rome
In Rome, who served for life
Struggle between Patricians and Plebeians
First set of Roman Laws
In American Government who resolves disputes between states

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