Obscure South Park Trivia (Seasons 1 - 7)

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What is the name of the kids' ski instructor?Asspen
What is the name of the Jew Scout Squirts' leader?Jewbilee
Which TV character is on Cartman's sleeping bag?Chickenpox
What company created Towlie?Towlie
What musical act is booked to play at the Bay of Pigs memorial dance at the school?Hooked on Monkey Phonics
What Simpson's character is Cartman hallucinated as?Simpsons Already Did It
What is the spread that the South Park Cows need to beat?Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride
What is the name of Cartman's clubhouse?Clubhouses
To get to Kenny's house, what must you cross?Chickenpox
How much does it cost for four kids to fly City Airlines to Canada?It's Christmas in Canada
How many bunnies does Estella kill before she loses interest?Pip
Subway Jared is found outside of South Park doing what?Jared Has Aides
What does Cartman's protest sign say?I'm a Little Bit Country
What is father Maxi's closing hymn?Spontaneous Combustion
Which news anchor's board game do the children play?Cartman Joins NAMBLA
How do T & P pass the time on the subway?Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus
What music does Grampa Marsh force Stan to listen to simulate the horrors or old age?Death
Who's career does Ike do an impression of when jumping off the alien craft?Cartman Gets an Anal Probe
What TV show do Butters and Dougie choose as the theme to play pretend with?Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub
What music is playing in the ice man's habitat?Prehistoric Ice Man
What's in Ms. Crabtree's glovebox?City on the Edge of Forever
Cartman becomes the mayor of what?The Wacky Molestation Adventure
What is the official drink sponsor of the South Park civil war reenactment?The Red Badge of Gayness
When disguised as a woman, what does Rob Reiner say his name is?Butt Out
Which actor is selected to play Dr. Mephisto's friend Kevin?Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty ****
What is the favorite ship of Sally Struthers the Hut?Starvin' Marvin in Space
Who owns the holistic medicine store?Cherokee Hair Tampons
What's chef's real name?The Succubus

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