Crime Boss Actors

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Can you name the actors who played these crime bosses?

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The DepartedFrank Costello
A History of ViolenceRichie Cusack
London BoulevardRob Gant
Die HardHans Gruber
The GodfatherDon Vito Corleone
Donnie BrascoSonny Black
GoodfellasPaul 'Paulie' Cicero
White HeatCody Jarrett
The UntouchablesAl Capone
Escape from New YorkThe Duke
In BrugesHarry Waters
American GangsterFrank Lucas
Snatch.Brick Top
Gangs of New YorkBill 'The Butcher' Cutting
Die Hard with a VengeanceSimon Peter Gruber
True RomanceVincenzo Coccotti
Johnny DangerouslyJohnny Dangerously
Kill BillBill
Layer CakeEddie Temple
The Road to PerditionJohn Rooney
Pulp FictionMarsellus Wallace
ScarfaceTony Montana
Eastern PromisesSemyon
The Usual SuspectsKeyser Söze
Miller's CrossingLeo O'Bannon
Sexy BeastTeddy Bass

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