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Can you name the characters voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart, OBE on Family Guy?

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'Well, well, well, look what we got here!''Not All Dogs Go to Heaven'
'Mr. Worf's forehead looks like a fanny!''Peter's Got Woods'
'...Eric Bogosian, Andre Agassi, Jerry 'the Shark' Tarkanian...''No Meals on Wheels'
'Today, I saw the moon!''Thanksgiving', 'Internal Affairs', etc
'What are your demands?''Lois Kills Stewie'
'Y'know, Nietzsche says we're doomed to live the same life over and over again...''FOX-y Lady'
'I'd appreciate if you hooligans didn't get your eggs all over my parcel!''Halloween on Spooner Street'
'We don't all talk like that. I happen to be a professor.''And Then There Were Fewer'

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