Spiders' Common Names by Taxonomic Species Name

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Can you name the Spiders' Common Names by Taxonomic Species Name

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SpeciesCommon NameArea
Latrodectus mactansNorth America
Agelenopsis actuosaNorth America
Argiope arantiaNorth America, South America
Steatoda bipunctataEurope
Loxosceles reclusaNorth America
Nephila clavipesNorth America, South America
Hogna carolinensisNorth America
SpeciesCommon NameArea
Parasteatoda tepidariorumNorth America, Europe, Middle East
Latrodectus geometricusWorldwide
Tegenaria agrestisNorth America, Europe
Brachypelma smithiNorth America
Theraphosa blondiSouth America
Atrax robustusAustralia
Phidippus audaxWorldwide

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