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So you can get it right:Answer appears here if you got it right:Need more help? Here, read:
Married to Nick Cannon
Song featured in 'Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakquel'Song also featured in 'gLee' and 'The Teen Nick HALO Awards'
She's in a place that's disturbed. Get it?
According to his name, you'd think he can yo-yo really well.If you say his name is sounds like you're saying 'yo' to your 'knee.'
Came from the U.K. (band)Has a Rockband (eeeasy, right?!)
Beautiful blonde, has a love story.
She dreamed a dream singing.YouTube sensation!!! NOT from the USA.
On the LG Chocolate Touch commercial.
She loves poker.
On a ProActive commercial, also sings in 'Alice in Wonderland'From Canada
She's 'So Yesterday'
aka. Gabriella Montez
She won't let anyone rain on her parade.
So you can get it right:Answer appears here if you got it right:Need more help? Here, read:
He can serve a mean punch. Currently doing community service in Richmond, VA.
I'll give you a freebie: C----e C-----t that's all of the hint I'll give you!
He's worth half a dollar. You'll get it soon.
She's gotta 'Breakaway'
James Taylor's ex.Fun fact: on her dad's side, she's 1/4 African-American!
He wants to know 'How do you sleep?'
Only one lady in the band, lady is in the name.
Also called, 'Joanna Levisque'
She is gay, and acts. Her Fridays are REALLY freaky, too!
Literally, 'I give up!'Take the advice from master Momo!
Kid's and teen's singer (mainly)She knows how she feels 'about you now.'
Real name: Destiny Hope -----. Not answer.Other hint: She's got the 'best of both worlds.' Only few people like music from these two now.
Literally, 'You're Done!'Take the advice from master Momo!

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